Cylinder / bundles marking


Cylinders & Markings

Technical Data

Pure gases and gas mixtures are supplied in steel or aluminum cylinders of different sizes. Usually, they are filled with a filling pressure of 200 or 300 bar. The table below contains some typical values for dimensions and contents of some standard cylinders and bundles:

Cylinder marking

Compressed gas containers are identified by imprinting on the cylinder shoulder. The imprinting contains the specific cylinder number as well as information about approval for gas species, test dates, materials, owner, etc.

Please note, that the imprint of the approval for gas species is no indication of the actual contents; this is solely specified on the label of the cylinder.

The color of the cylinder shoulder carries some important information on the cylinder content. With the introduction of EN 1089-3, the color codes for gases in compressed gas cylinders were unified in Europe. A distinction is made according to four possible risk potentials: inert, flammable, oxidizing and toxic/corrosive. In addition, for some gases special colors are explicitly defined, e.g. white for oxygen or black for nitrogen. 




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